Sunday, October 21, 2012

1st Trip to New York City + My #1 Tip to Visitors!

There are few things I love more than traveling, and fewer places I love more than New York City. I, like many others, have been dreaming of going to The Big Apple for as long as I can remember.

The city was just as I had imagined it. To get you feeling its vibe, I'll give you a little description of it from my journal entry:
"The sun was setting and as I faced the sky, I could see the soft pinks merging with the magentas, and the tangerine oranges embracing the indigoes. The sunlight bounced off the water in the Central Park lagoons, reflecting its rays everywhere. I could hear the echoes of life resonating before me. The sound of a million shoes, faint whispers of gossip, children laughing, gold credit cards being swiped on Madison Avenue, cars beeping, and the hearts of dreamers pumping enveloped me. The aromas surrounded me: the hot dog stands on Time Square, the odor of pollution, the sweet smell of designer brands, perfume, and sparkly bijoux in shopping bags rustling in the March breeze. One by one, the streetlights came on, beautifully illuminating the entire city. Everything was how it should be as life effortlessly played out around me." 

Now that you can practically taste New York, here's the #1 thing I'd recommend you do your first time visiting there: take a Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of the city. The tour I took allowed me to tour the entire city for two full days with audio commentary, letting me hop-on and hop-off at whichever stop I wished; it included a FREE Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island round-trip ferry, AND a FREE lunch at a wonderful restaurant in Little Italy. The thing I love most about these tours isn't just the absolutely hilarious tour guides, but that you learn the history of New York City and its little fun facts as you're touring. As a history buff, this is literally the greatest thing in the world. After the tour, you're so captivated and in love with this city, you can't stop smiling the whole time you're there – at least that was the case with my family, haha. And you'll have so much fun doing all the countless things there is to do, from roaming the streets trying different foods to visiting the Empire State Building. 

Here are some photos I took in New York City. All photos where taken in March 2010 on a Canon PowerShot camera.

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