Sunday, October 21, 2012

5 Awesome Things To Do in Boston

I absolutely adore Boston. Having lived there as a child, and considering myself a Bostonian, my love for this city is incomparable. 

In attempt to explain what I love so much about this city,  I'll give you a journal entry description of it:
"As I roamed the oldest streets in America, my mind fluttered to a time in the past. J. F. Kennedy lived right here and Mother Goose walked there, Ben Franklin stood on this very corner and Paul Revere rode his horse down that same street every night. I can feel the movement of history all around me, the culture that's so heartwarming and welcomingly patriotic. To my right stood the first baseball stadium, to my left was the first city park in America, under me was the first American subway, before me stood the first university in America, and behind me was the first American fire station. Alas, this was the city of firsts. Tall new buildings and the ancient looking structures of the past stood as one beside each other. And as I walked the busy streets with their new couture shops and old libraries, people moved by me talking in accents that reflected their native suburb. As night came, the old gas street lights guided my way though the city, just as they did for others a few hundred years ago."

So now that you get the feel of Boston, here are the top five things I recommend you do on your visit there:

1.  Take the Boston Duck Tour! The tour guides are HILARIOUS and as you quack your way around Boston, you will see and learn about the city's incredible history and all of its cool quirks and facts. The Duck will also turn into a boat and you'll take a ride on the Charles River and enjoy Boston's spectacular city view.

2. Take a walk down Newbury Street. With its fancy restaurants, old bookshops, and brand-name shopping, Newbury Street is Boston's most captivating street. And if you get a little hungry while you're there, you can stop by Ben & Jerry's for a cone of delicious ice cream!

3.  Visit Boston's Children's Museum. This family-orientated museum is a great place to go if you're visiting with your kids. They'll have a blast playing and learning in a fun and colourful environment that was made for youngsters like themselves. And you won't be able to resist smiling at their happy faces.

4. Visit Revere Beach. This is America's first public beach and it's a wonderful place to spend a hot summer day. You can take a swim, ride a boat, go fishing, and even go kayaking. There are always lots of fun events happening at the beach, and with great restaurants and accommodations, this is a fantastic place stay in Boston.

5. Go to a Boston flea market. Nothing feels better than a great flea market buy and Boston is home to some of the most fantastic flea markets. You can find anything from fresh produce, cool jewelry, and electronics to antique furniture, clothing, and designer perfume. Whichever flea market you choose, it's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Here are a few photos I took on my August 2010 visit there. All photos were taken on a Nikon Coolpix.

Victorian houses in Back Bay, Boston

Gas street lamps light up Boston.

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